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Follow These Long Form Content Examples to Boost Your Rankings

You may remember these days when the length and quality did not matter enough in the world of SEO and content writing. And maybe you are wishing for those days to come again because in that reign there were not such complications of uniqueness, catchy and long particular etc. Now we have to move and bring our thought from that old era have to forget that it may come back. You should follow our mentioned Content Examples to Boost Your Rankings.

Content Examples to Boost Your Rankings

Nowadays there are a lot of things we have to focus during the content creation because there are many Content Examples to Boost Your Rankings. That are content should be unique, it should be of high quality, it should be attractive and it should contain all the information that a user want and at the last but not the least it should be relevant to your keywords and content title. Let discuss it

Long Form Content Examples to Boost Your Rankings


Content is everything. You have to make it more catchy and attractive. Try to add visuals and images and banners and infographics to keep the viewer on your content. Because long content without any break make the whole content bore and it became the cause of user distraction.

Keyword Research:

First research about the keywords on which you are going to write and choose the right and appropriate keywords and select these keywords as your topic. Find that the most frequently used keywords and try to find keywords which are lies competitive.

Keyword Optimization

Try to use this keyword that you select as your content title in your content as much possible as it does not means that use the keyword in every 2nd line. Use it where it sets appropriately.

Types of SEO Content

Now we discuss some types of SEO Content choose one and do not cross limits of that one.

  • Product Pages

We use Product Pages for e-commerce services and it contains details about your product.

  • Blog Posts

Blog posts are used for blogs and it is written on daily basis. It is used to attract viewers.

  • Articles

Articles are long content that is mostly used by different newspapers and magazines sites.

  • Guides

It is a very long content that is used to explain “How to do” in details. It is very long content some time it may contain many web pages.


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