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How Google Hummingbird Really Works?

Search algorithms are highly complicated. As SEO’s it is our duty to figure that out. This is not easy because Google uses more than 200 factors to rank. And Google is not coming to tell us that how he ranks the sites. So we just figured it out. But you may be thinking that how we figured it out. And the answer is by a lot of searches and the content you are reading is the summary of this search. Our goal is to identify How Google Hummingbird Really Works. Hummingbird is Google’s biggest change ever. Each single and minor search is handled by the Humming bird. This post will describe you exactly what we found after searching thousands of pages and millions of words.

How Google Hummingbird Really Works

What we found

We found that Hummingbird ranks a page with respect to comprehensive on a particular, relevant and narrow topic. It shows that a site which has some great quality content will like to rank well. Let understand it deeply. To understand the algorithm we create a semantic algorithm just like Google’s hummingbird. The main and most important thing that is vital to creating such algorithm is the semantic relationship. So after a great hard work, we created it.

How it works

We gave him a site to crawl. The hummingbird received it and we assign him a letter. The topic matters most. Because it ranks pages and arranged them by their topics. Keywords play important role in ranking the site. High-quality keywords rank well then lower ones. Another important thing is how much and how you use your keyword in your content. Backlinks also play amazing role in getting the high rank. Because backlinks is an ingredient that is used with other factors to make the quality of site high.

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