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Way to reduce your website Bounce Rate

Bounce rate shows or defines the ratio or percentage of early visitors to a site which bounces apart to a site instead of carrying on to different pages of the same website or within the site. The average Bounce Rate is 40%. Retail sites will see 20-40% of bounce rate averagely. ¬†Content sites will see 40-60% bounce rate averagely. So it depends on your business that’s why we are sharing the great way to reduce your website Bounce Rate. These statistics are showing the right percentage of bounce rate your bounce rate should lie in this range.

Higher bonus rate is really disappointing. It is necessary to reduce bonus rate because higher the bonus rate more the visitors leave your site. If you follow these three steps bonus rate of your site would be reduced.

Way to reduce your website Bounce Rate

Way to reduce your website Bounce Rate

 Internal linking

This tactic is going to reduce bounce rate of your site very effectively if you have best internal linking within your site. To engage and to keep the visitor on the site make sure that when the user clicks on a link he or she get the right thing. If he or she get the right one then he will keep his trip on your site. It will also help you in increasing page views and backlinks.

Navigating your site

Navigating means that a user comes to your site and keep visiting another page of your site. Use all the space on your site wisely. Use posters etc. Try to post as many things as you can on the front page but wisely and try to add widgets of different posts at the end of a post but that should be relevant. Keep high-quality content because Content is everything.

Focus on attracting the right audience

Keyword selection and optimization is an important and crucial thing. Because it directs a user to your site. Make sure that you are attracting the right audience. Make a decision that which type of audience you are going to attract and select or create keywords of that type. For example, you are a publisher. If a customer come to your site after seeing the keyword of a publishing company and he finds some other stuff irrelevant of the publishing company. it will increase bonce rate and effects your ranking.

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